“Don’t Let Them Eat You” 

lyrics & music: Agatha Mallow ( Agata Ślazyk )
vocal & guitar: Agatha Mallow ( Agata Ślazyk )

1. Nie chcę dojrzeć
2. Znów za długo spałam (Too Long I’ve Been Sleeping)
3. Sumienie z gumy
4. Z sercem na dłoni (The Heart in My Hand)
5. Nie daj się zjeść
6. Żywię się marzeniami (I'm Feeding on My Dreams)
7. Złap dystans - cz.1
8. To daje mi pewność  (All That Is Me)
9. Czuję, że znikam                         
10. Złap dystans  - cz.2
11. Każde słowo (Every Word)
12. Złap dystans - cz.3
13. Wiem co znaczy zgubić drogę

“I have known Agata for many years and have witnessed how the rebellion evident in this album has been growing in her for a long time, to finally break through her shyness. The way this is manifested is surprisingly consistent in form and uncompromising in content.” 
Tomasz Kmiecik, composer, pianist at Piwnica pod Baranami

“There is something I admire in your work, Agata, in your singing. Your guitar sings along with you. It is simple, ascetic, and restrained in its delivery. I love this in music. Your singing has a lot in common with American folk music. But the most beautiful thing is that you sing who you are, you sing what you really feel. This is sincere, real and remarkable.”
Antoni Krupa, musician, composer, music critic at Radio Cracow

“The album, NIE DAJ SIĘ ZJEŚĆ recorded by Piwnica pod Baranami’s graceful artist is a surprise. It is a brave effort – Agata decided to show herself without any musical enhancements or decorations. Only herself, her voice and her guitar. The guitar sounds like rock at times! We have here the full range of her emotional and musical abilities in order to analyze her work. The guitar sounds perfect, the voice, sometimes strong, sometimes delicate, leave no doubt about the purity of her sound. Also, there is no lack of emotion, some melancholy, and anger, distance and irony. Simply excellent material.”
Teresa Drozda, Polish Radio journalist and an editor of a poetic song review portal STREFA PIOSENKI

November 2007 saw the release of Agatha’s debut album